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Ellen Dash

I am currently available for contract work, preferably but not exclusively for projects relating to kernel development, Ruby, or automation using Docker and Ansible.

I'm a software developer who has over a decade of experience with C, x86 assembly, Ruby, and web development.

I currently work part-time for Ruby Together, helping maintain RubyGems and related projects.

The majority of my C experience is in the realm of operating system and kernel development.


Projects and Contributions


My work for Ruby Together involves helping maintain RubyGems.


rgdev uses Docker to provide a consistent development environment for contributing to the RubyGems project. This is part of my work for Ruby Together.


how_is helps quantify your maintenance practices and improvements for a project hosted on GitHub.

The primary goal is to track improvements (or regressions) in project maintenance over time, and provide suggestions for improving.


Iditarod is a bootloader with the end-goal of creating a minimalistic MultiBoot-compliant bootloader. It's written in C and x86 assembly.


AwooOS is a microkernel-based operating system written in C and x86 assembly.

Ruining The Magic

Ruining The Magic is an in-progress series of books aiming to explain how computers work, from the physics knowledge needed to design processors, all the way up to how a browser loads and renders a webpage.


You can view more of projects and contributions on GitHub and GitLab.

Technical Proficiencies